1650 map entitled 'Regna Congo et Angola' by Joannes (Johan) Jansson - Janssonium

Prof. J. Sabakinu with members of the
KongoKing research group

Villagers and elders of Mbanza-Nsundi village
listening to explanations given in Kikongo

KONGOKING : Workshops

5 May 2012 : Mbanza Nsundi village, Bas-Congo province, presentation workshop

The KongoKing research project intends to do excavations in the old capital city of the Kongo kingdom in Angola (Mbanza Kongo) and in two of the provincial capitals in the DRC, i.e. Mbanza Nsundi near Kisantu and Mbanza Mbata near Kimpangu, the main cities of the former Nsundi and Mbata provinces.

Apart from the academic workshop held in Kinshasa on May 3, and the meetingwith the traditional authorities in Mbanza Ngungu on May 7, the team members also presented their planned fieldwork to the villagers in Mbanza Nsundi on May 5. The last downpours of the end of the rainy season prevented them from reaching Mbanza Mbata.